Monday, October 13, 2008

Welcome to Ryan 2.0

Instead of doing a post about my bio, I just jump in to it.

The following two things are holding my fancy right now. The first is the new season of the Sarah Silverman show. The opening episode started out strong, easily one of the best of the whole series. One of the strong elements is the depiction of mild drug use - pot smoking to be specific. Generally standards and practices don't really allow the demonstration of pot smoking as anything but negative. A classic example is "That 70s Show" which had to cut out the consequence-free drug-doing as the show got more popular. It's just a breath of fresh air to see things displayed in a truthful manner - the truth being that millions enjoy recreational use of pot with little or no consequences, except for more frequent trips to 7-11 of course.

The second thing is the upcoming T-Mobile G1 launch. I ordered the G1 on the first pre-order date. I am keeping an eye out on UPS's ship track website... Doubly so since the original promise was an arrival date of October 22nd, which is fast approaching. The double part is the upcoming Thursday 9pm event with The Raconteurs. This suggests perhaps an early ship date for the 1.5 million of us who preordered.

Finally, keep an eye out on Tuesday for new Apple notebooks. Rumours are heavy that a new single metal piece manufacturing technique and casing are to be on display. I am happy with my new Mac Book Pro from work, so I won't be buying any new hardware myself.

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